Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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    Finding the Best Truck Stops

    Truck stops are the long-distance driver’s best friend. Since highways and interstates first began connecting the country, truck stops have been a beacon in the distance. If you’re looking for a place to refuel, grab a bite to eat, or catch a quick nap, here’s where you can find some of the best truck stops in […]

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    Standing by Your First Employer

    Updated Sept 2022 Imagine: you’ve just gotten your first driving job with a company, and you’re excited to start building your career! You’re already making your five and ten-year plans, and none of them involve staying with your current company for more than a year. You wouldn’t be alone; many new drivers move on to […]

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    Trucking needs YOU

    Updated March 2022 Our nation depends on the trucking industry. Many long-haul drivers will be retiring or simply leaving for new careers in the next few years. While automated vehicles will help fill the gaps in some areas, they won’t solve the problem. We desperately need drivers in the trucking industry; will you answer the call? According […]

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    Why having a Physical done is crucial for Drivers

    Congrats! You have joined drivers across the country who have found their calling in the trucking industry. You passed your training and the driving test, so you’re all set, right? Not exactly. There are still a few things you need to see to before you get in the driver’s seat of a commercial vehicle. One […]

  • Signs Your School Might Not be Right for You

    A career in truck driving can be a great move — but only if you go to the right truck driving school! Unfortunately, there are many schools out there that take advantage of their students, pose unnecessary fees, have poor retention rates, and don’t set their students up for success.  To avoid this from happening […]

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    Top Places to Visit in the Southeast

    Did you know that the Southeast United States, also known as the Deep South, hosts some of the most historic cities and landmarks in the nation? The next time your route takes you down south, make sure you swing by these beautiful landmarks!