The trucking industry is booming – it always has been, it always will be.

When the economy gets tough, many people turn to commercial transportation for a new career, a fresh start and the ability to provide for their family. The problem that new drivers are confronted with usually involves the financial hurdles they must negotiate to get the training and CDL license they need to start their new careers in the trucking industry. That is why we have several different ways to help students cover the costs of obtaining a CDL license from a truck driving school. We can help students obtain traditional financing options, student aid and even government grants, making their dreams of getting their CDL license possible. If you need help paying for CDL training, contact Apex today.

Think You Can’t Afford a Career Change? Think Again.

Apex CDL offers a wide variety of tuition and financing options to help in the process of paying for CDL training. We want you to enjoy a secure, financially stable future, and CDL training can offer you the tools to jump start your new career.

Apex CDL Institute offers more financial options than any trucking school in the Midwest.

Many people who are considering a career change to the truck driving industry are daunted by the upfront cost. Apex CDL never wants our students to miss out on the life-changing opportunities that we can provide because of financial restrictions. We want to make sure that students who are committed to getting their CDL license can reach their goals. Apex can assist when it comes to paying for CDL training.

Tuition costs and fees:

  • School tuition – $5000.00
  • Enrollment fee – $100.00
  • USDOT Medical Exam – $75.00
  • USDOT Drug Screen – $67.00
  • Motor Vehicle Report, if needed – $8.00
  • Class A CDL Permit fee – KS $13.00 / MO $32.00
  • Class A CDL Test fee – KS $41.00 / MO $70.00

Doctors visit fees for the USDOT physical and drug screen are subject to change at any time. State licensing fees for both Kansas and Missouri are subject to change at any time. Apex CDL Institute does not set the prices on the fees provided by the doctors office or the states of Kansas or Missouri.

In house financing and financial aid available for those that qualify. We even have trucking companies that will pay for your CDL training.

I had a great experience at Apex with top notch instructors. I had a good time and learned a lot. I made a lot of new friends, got my CDL, and I am getting ready to start my new career. Thanks, everybody.

                                                                                                          Autry C.

Apex CDL Institute of Kansas City even has its own in-house financing program for those CDL license seekers that qualify. We work hand in hand with several lending institutions to provide a proprietary lending opportunity to our students that no other school in the area can offer.

What is even better is that our in-house financing may not even require a credit check. Our only requirements are that you meet the background and job placement requirements for one of the companies that hire our students. Furthermore, your student loan payments through Apex do not even start until 2 months after you graduate from truck driving school. This gives you the time necessary to get out on the road and start earning a paycheck before you have to start paying your loan.

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Again, we do everything we can to ensure success for our students.

At Apex, we believe in investing in people and so do the companies that hire our students. The majority of these companies provide tuition reimbursement to our graduates, essentially paying for CDL training upon completion. That’s right, trucking companies will pay you back for all of your CDL license training expenses with no obligation to you.

Choosing our Kansas City truck driving school for obtaining your CDL license gives you the best chances of earning money and paying back your tuition quickly. We don’t use contracts, reduced pay or horrible time schedules to make you repay the cost of your CDL license training. We are talking about getting paid back for all of your training expenses by great paying companies with outstanding benefits. You’ll have these opportunities because these companies know that when you graduate from a private Kansas City based truck driving school like Apex CDL Institute, you are a highly qualified driver.

Multi-ethnic men standing next to semi-truck

We have also partnered with Flexxbuy to offer you even more options!

Need more help paying for CDL training? Take advantage of Flexxbuy’s financing options and speak with several different lenders that can help you get the financial assistance to advance your careers opportunities. It’s easy and you can apply right online with them. Call us to find out more!


Major credit cards accepted

Get Your CDL License With Apex CDL Institute

At Apex CDL Institute we care about our students and strongly believe that money should not be the deciding factor if they want to pursue CDL classes. That is why we offer so many financial options. If you are interested in our CDL school and want to apply for our CDL classes, then fill out the contact form above. We will do our best to get back to you. If you have any further questions or concerns about our financial options, please don’t hesitate to call us today.