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Warning Signs Your CDL School Might Not be The One

Signs That Your School Might Not be Right for You

A career in truck driving can be a great move — but only if you go to the right truck driving school. Unfortunately, there are many schools out there that take advantage of their students, charge ridiculous fees, have terrible retention rates, and don’t set their students out on a path to success.  Here’s how to pick the right truck driving school:

Truck Driving School Cons

  1. Is the school within a truck driving company? Truck driving schools within a trucking company might limit employment options for their students. The right CDL school helps you find the employer that is right for you, rather than forcing you to work for their company when you get started. If a program tells you that you can’t work for another company, consider your training worthless.
  2. If your truck driving school doesn’t give you the chance to make the most of your experience, you’re definitely at the wrong place. Look for a school with a high retention and graduation rate.
  3. Pay attention to what others say about the program. Does the school have a record for successful job placement? Do they invest in good equipment? Do they follow the rules or let things slide when it comes to driving a truck? Does the school employ licensed examiners? These are all important factors to understand before you commit yourself to a program.

Don’t Waste Time and Money on a Bad School

The wrong truck driving school isn’t worth your time, money, or energy. Do your research before deciding where to go. It’ll save you from making a costly mistake by investing too much money in a truck driving school that doesn’t deliver enough return on your investment. The right school offers you freedom, a satisfying career, and plenty of opportunities to be successful.

Looking for a truck driving school you can trust?

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