Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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  • image of back of truck with "oversize load" sign

    Steps to Becoming an Oversize Load Truck Driver

    Before you begin on the path to becoming an oversize load driver, you will want to enroll in trucking school. This will help you be more successful and comfortable hauling an oversize load. There are some basic regulations that apply to people who wish to become an oversize load driver. However, each state’s department of […]

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    Updates and Changes to Drug Testing

    The DOT is amending its Federal drug testing program to include four Schedule II Opioid drugs.

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    Why testing is important in maintaining your CDL

    When it comes to CDL drug testing, there are some things you need to know. For example, you need to know why the industry requires truck driving drug tests, according to Section 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier’s Safety Regulation Handbook.  In addition, you also want to know the rules that you must follow to […]

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    Be on the lookout when researching schools

    Although it might be tempting to answer an ad for free truck driving school, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Legitimate CDL training doesn’t require you to jump through hoops in exchange for complimentary instruction. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. CDL training gives you the tools that you need to drive a […]

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    Researching schools beforehand will help you make the right decision

    Most people who are considering CDL training have many questions. Among the most important of these is wondering whether or not the truck driving school is worth it in the long run. The answer is yes if you’re careful about the truck driving school you choose.

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    Need Your CDL License? We Can Help!

    Updated: February, 10th, 2020 Getting a CDL license is a momentous step toward a new career. Of course, before getting that CDL license, it’s essential to pass the rigorous CDL test. Many prospective commercial truck drivers head to the DMV or a similar government office to take the test, but there might be some good […]