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Why Truck Driving Makes a Great Second Career

Benefits you should consider when searching for a career

Truck driving as a second career is a popular choice when it comes to those reaching retirement age. There is a shortage of drivers in the industry, so a job isn’t hard to find, and the easy and accessible training process makes this a very appealing career track. There are numerous benefits for adults, whether coupling or going solo, to get out on the road.

Security, with Benefits

Truck driving is an excellent way to make money, an important consideration when saving for retirement. If you don’t have a college degree but want to earn like you do, CDL training takes a few months and will have you making an excellent salary almost immediately. There is a shortage of drivers, meaning a job won’t be hard to find. In addition to the solid income, the majority of trucking companies offer standard health benefits including dental, not to mention a 401(k) option.

Independence & Travel

The trucking lifestyle allows you to handle your day-to-day exactly the way you like, as long as you reach your destination on time. You can travel to places you’ve never been before, an opportunity not granted in many professions. Most days you can spend listening to the radio, your favorite tunes, TED talks, or audiobooks. You can enjoy the solitude that comes with the truck driving life, and still be able to call family and friends whenever you like if the road gets lonely.

A Team Effort

For those looking to spend as much time as possible with their spouse during the golden years, truck driving may be the ideal career of choice. There has been a surge in couples over 50 opting to drive trucks together, and it’s easy to see why given the numerous benefits – the great pay, the opportunity to travel the country as a couple and make money doing so, and the chance to work together in a flexible capacity.

If you are considering truck driving as a second career later in life, you’re on the right track. Contact Apex CDL Institute in Kansas today and see how you can get started on a new path to a better future.

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