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Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Advantages of Trucking as a Career

Truck drivers transport goods across the country every day. The American economy is incredibly dependent on the trucking community to make timely and efficient deliveries to keep businesses and consumers buying and moving forward. Part of this is the reason truck driving is a well-respected profession and will continue to be for generations. Besides prestige, there are numerous other benefits to choosing the trucking life.

Anyone Can Become a Trucker

Many people don’t want to spend years studying for a degree or career that they aren’t sure they want to do. Truck driving is a great option for anyone who wants to find a great paying career with minimal barriers to entry. Typically, all it takes is completing CDL training then obtaining the official certification. The duration of this training depends on your classification designation, full-time or part-time attendance, and what your state of residence is.


Truck drivers cannot work more than 70 hours per week and no more than 11 hours per day without a break. This protection assists in giving drives flexibility over their work hours. There are long-haul and local driver options that can add additional flexibility. Long-haul drivers typically make more, but there is a little bit more flexibility in your personal preferences. If you are a night owl, overnight driving maybe your thing, but if you are an early bird then get up with the sun and get going.
If you want to be a local driver, there’s the benefit of getting to get back to your home-base every night, knowing your exact route every day, and many times you will have shorter days depending on the company and route duration.

Great Wages

According to Payscale, entry-level truck drivers make around $17.56 per hour and average $35,000-$40,000 per year depending on schedule, number of routes, and company bonus benefits. This number also only goes up as you gain more experience with the average driving making close to $70,000 a year after five-years.

Get Paid to Travel

If you decide to be a long-haul driver, you will get paid to travel across the country. This is one of the main advantages of long-haul driving. You will constantly get to travel to new destinations and see sights that some people never get to see. You’ll get to experience all the things America has to offer and get paid to do it!

Can Be Challenging

For some people, the idea of a traditional 9 to 5 job can seem mundane. Being a truck driver, there is no such thing as a non-challenging day. Every day adds a new challenge if you so desire. Take on the challenge of varying cargo, going to new destinations, and even interacting with new and different people.

Job Security

Nobody wants to invest in a career that doesn’t amount to much after a few years or even ever. Being long-haul or local you will always have work. Companies across the United States are always looking for drivers that are dependable, flexible, trustworthy, and qualified to transport their goods.
If you are thinking about becoming a truck driver, keep these benefits and advantages in mind when making your decision. Also, remember to investigate the needs of your area, what type of driver you would want to be, and what type of company you would want to work for or if you would want to work for yourself.

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