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Enjoying Life On The Road: Truck Drivers Guide

A better life on the road can lead to a more enjoyable time

Having a career on the road can be challenging for new truck drivers. Learning how to enjoy the journey is a practice that even seasoned veterans sometimes struggle to remember.
Quick Tips for New Truckers

  1. Make friends with the dispatcher. This is a simple, straightforward tip. When someone else has control of your load, make sure that person likes and trusts you.
  2. Timeliness. This will earn you points with the company and put money in your pocket.
  3. Consider making your own meals. There are room and accessibility for a crockpot or other small appliances, so take advantage of it and avoid living on fast food and convenience store meals.
  4. Always accept an offered load. Dependability in both time and willingness to work cannot be overstressed.
  5. Always drive safely. It’s better to get there late, than not at all.
  6. Enjoy the sites. It won’t all be a panorama of shimmering desert backlit by the setting sun, but when it is, it’s amazing.

During a long haul, staying awake is integral. The road can lull you without you noticing. If you start to feel your eyes pulling or crossing, consider these options for waking yourself: stock up on coffee or energy drinks, pinch your face or crank the radio and sing.
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