Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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    Our Top picks for Music on the Road

    After 40 years, there are hundreds of trucking songs out there to choose from. The following list of the most famous trucking songs (in no particular order) has been assembled for a little bit of company on your next long route.

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    How the Trucking Industry Began

    Prior to 1900, the large majority of freight transported over land was carried by trains along railroads. As you can guess, trains were highly efficient at moving large amounts of freight, however, they could only deliver that freight to centralized urban centers. The products were then further distributed by horse-drawn transport.

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    Check out who invented the first semi, engines, and more!

    You may know how to drive one pretty darn well but did you know these interesting facts about semis?

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    How trucking became an essential business

    Beginning of Trucking: 1890s The evolution of the trucking industry has come a long way since it first began. Before there were many paved roads, let alone highways, trucks traveling on the roads were no larger than delivery trucks. They used crude solid rubber tires, making the trip very rough and slow. Most didn’t have […]