Christmas Presents

Truckers: Put These Gifts on Your Christmas List!

The Must-Have List for Truck Drivers

As truckers, we know that you spend so much time in your vehicle that it can start to feel like home. Add some comfortable touches to your cab this holiday season. Whether you have friends in the trucking industry or a relative that’s still asking you for gift ideas, we can help! 

Christmas Gifts for Truckers

For Comfort

  • Driving means sitting, but sitting shouldn’t mean comfort. Pamper yourself with a heated seat cushion or a memory foam cushion that will protect your back from the long hours.
  • These Bluetooth speakers are the way to go for drivers who need to keep their hands on the wheel.
  • Have you ever taken dinner out to your truck and realized you forgo to grab a fork? These utensils will save the day!
  • A dash cam can come in handy when you spend long hours on the road!
  • Every driver knows how it good a hot cup of coffee can be after a cold delivery. Keep toasty with a stylish travel mug.

For Upkeep

  • While you’re waiting for a spot to unload, clean your cab quickly with a tiny and efficient cordless vacuum.
  • Keep clutter and trash out of your way with a hanging trash/storage station so that you have little upkeep to worry about when you get home.
  • Tired of looking for spare change or hunting for your wallet? A set of dashboard sticky mats will keep everything you need within arms’ reach.
  • Whether you smoke, bring your dog on the road, or just need a breath of fresh air, an activated charcoal air purifier will keep your cab smelling fresh.

For Style

  • Keep the sun out of your eyes with polarized sunglasses that are as stylish as they are practical.
  • A pet booster will keep your best friend secure and comfortable while they keep you company!
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