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How You and Your Truck Can Survive the Summer Heat

Tips on how to beat the summer heat

Apex CDL hopes that everyone had a safe and fun holiday earlier this month! Kansas City has been in the steady 90s all July without an end in sight. Surviving the summer heat is no joke. As we enter August, keep these tips in mind to keep you and your truck performing well despite the heat. 

Surviving the Sweltering Summer

How can you be sure that you and your truck will be in top shape for the rest of the summer? We have a few ideas:

Frequent A/C Checks

Did you know the heat in your cab can rise as quickly as 30 degrees in 20 minutes? Your air unit might be working overtime this summer, so give it a little TLC. This will keep you comfortable during the day while also ensuring your sleeper stays cool at night.

Pay Attention to the Tires

Rubber and heat are not the best of friends. Tire pressure suffers in the summer and the best thing you can do it constantly check your pressure levels. The heat and friction can increase your chances of getting a puncture or other tire failure. And don’t forget to check your trailer tires!

Drink Lots of Water

We’ve discussed how you can take good care of yourself on the road, but it’s especially important in the summer to stay well hydrated. Water will keep you cool and alert while you’re on the road.

Regular Inspections

Most importantly: don’t neglect inspections just because it’s summer. You should be even more diligent when it’s hot to make sure that your tires, transmission, and battery are all working as they should. Heat can wear down on a truck just as quickly as cold weather, so it’s important to make sure you’re keeping everything ship-shape.

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