Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

Check out this selection of articles below to learn more about career choices and how to prepare for in-demand job opportunities.

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    Rules of the Road for Trucking

    An extremely common, and dangerous, practice in trucking is keeping an improper following distance in traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to trucking or a veteran, anyone can benefit from a refresher course on space management.

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    A Detailed Look Inside a Truckers Life

    Odd Driving Times Some drivers like a very early start so they can move with the light; other drivers prefer the relatively clear roads at night. Over the road (OTR) truck drivers don’t have distinct starting hours unless they’re calling in to dispatch after returning from “time off.”

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    Staying Safe while Driving in Construction Zone

    Be Prepared — Expect Delays Before you start on your route, take a quick look online to see if there are any construction zones in your path. You may be able to find highway agency-provided detours as well. Not all work zones will have information online, though. So, plan ahead and stay safe.

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    Tips on Getting a Younger Crowd to Your School

    The continually growing shortage of drivers in the trucking industries is leading transportation companies to use more tech-oriented strategies for young driver recruitment. American Trucking Associations found the industry is currently short 48,000 drivers and that if trends continue, the driver shortage could rise to nearly 175,000 by 2024.

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    Find out where to stop while in Missouri

    We will start close to home in our first edition of Best Truck Stops USA. Here are three of the best truck stops if you are headed north, south, or further west in Missouri.

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    Check out who invented the first semi, engines, and more!

    You may know how to drive one pretty darn well but did you know these interesting facts about semis?