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4 Summer Trucking Survival Tips

Hot to Beat the Heat in your Truck

Driving a truck during the summer isn’t the same as driving during other months. You have to deal with the heat, the sun, construction, travelers, and more. Read on for a few tips.

Summer Trucking Tips

Stay Hydrated On the Road

Just as keeping healthy snacks and walking around every few hours is important to your health, so is staying hydrated. It can be easy to forgo water when you are focused on the road you can start to feel tired and sluggish — this is usually due to dehydration. Keep a pack of water bottles or a few larger bottles in the truck cab with you. Bonus, hydrating will feel great in the hottest temperatures.

Apply Sunscreen

While “trucker’s arm” is a funny tan line, sun exposure is no joke. Consistent sun exposure on your trucking route will damage your skin, and if you aren’t using sunscreen you risk even more damage and, possibly, skin cancer. So, just as you would do hitting the beach on vacation, apply and then reapply sunscreen every day, every couple of hours. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses as well.

Watch For Construction

Driving a truck through construction zones is a challenge and the summer months are congested with construction zones in every state. Truck drivers know better than anyone that cars don’t want to be stuck behind you and may try to cut you off as you close in on these areas. Make sure you are alert and ready to put on the brakes.

Extreme Weather

Though the roads may not be coated in winter ice, they may still be slick. Summer is notorious for harsh thunderstorms and intense heat waves. Keep your truck’s tires and breaks in check, as hot temperatures erode and fade brakes quicker.

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