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How to Find the Best Truck Driving School

Choosing a School That Will Get You Hired

Before you embark on your new career as a truck driver, you need to complete the required training and pass the CDL exam. Finding the right trucking school to adequately prepare you is the key to a successful start! For the highest chance of getting hired, use these tips in your search for the best truck driving school!

CDL School Red Flags

When looking for a CDL course, be wary of schools making enticing offers such as “free training.” Schooling is rarely entirely free – there are typically hidden disclaimers within this agreement. A quality program will be upfront about the cost and length of their classes. If their promises sound too good to be true, they probably are! It’s best practice to find a program with an honest administration who clearly outlines their process and fees. 

First-Class Reputation

A truck driving school’s reputation often speaks for itself. The quality of a program can be easily measured by their hiring rates. If their students are quickly being employed by well-known companies post-graduation, that’s a good sign that this school is reputable!

Another good indicator is if a school has been operating for a long time and gets more positive feedback from past students than negative. Graduates are often open to talking about their experiences, good or bad, with prospective students. One of the best ways to learn about the true quality of a program is by asking those who experienced it firsthand!

Opportunities for Jobs

If a school maintains relationships with multiple well-known carriers, that shows they are good to be in business with! This also creates more job opportunities for students after they earn their CDL. Getting established with a carrier immediately following school ensures that your learned skills are put into practice right away!

Apex CDL Institute has Job Placement Services that are offered to students long after they graduate! This dedicated team guides you in making wise decisions for your career – they are committed to your long-term success! A CDL school that offers this assistance cares about securing your future ambitions.

Quality Training

In your search for the best truck driving school, set your sights on a program that trains students on the newest, high-quality trucks and equipment available. If you get stuck learning on outdated equipment, you will not be prepared to work with the constantly advancing trucking technology in today’s industry.

Safe trucking requires skilled training – that’s why you’ll want to learn from the best! Seek out experienced, knowledgeable instructors for the best chance of success! Their training methods should be both classroom-based as well as hands-on to adequately prepare you to ace your written and behind-the-wheel CDL exam!

Since Apex CDL is certified to routinely have 3rd party CDL examiners on site, our students have the unique opportunity to both train and test right on campus after they finish their Class A CDL Program! The benefit of testing for your CDL in the very same trucks you learned on will give you the added confidence you need to get on the fast-track to your future!

Not Just a Number

You’ll know you’ve chosen the right program when you don’t feel like just a number! Quality trucking schools value each of their students and take the time to learn about their personal and career ambitions. Smaller class sizes also provide opportunity for this one-on-one attention during training. This tailored instruction makes the difference between a good driver and an exceptional driver!

To find a trucking school that stands apart from the rest is no easy task! There are a lot of things to consider: modern equipment, quality training and staff, effective job placement, campus culture, and more. But, if you strive to find a school that takes your future seriously, you will be on the right track to a great career!

To learn about Apex CDL Institute’s commitment to your success, fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call at 913-349-5645!

Updated November 3, 2023

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