Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

Check out this selection of articles below to learn more about career choices and how to prepare for in-demand job opportunities.

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    Advantages of Trucking as a Career

    Truck drivers transport goods across the country every day. The American economy is incredibly dependent on the trucking community to make timely and efficient deliveries to keep businesses and consumers buying and moving forward. Part of this is why truck driving is a well-respected profession and will continue for generations. Besides prestige, there are numerous […]

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    Our Favorite Stops in the Northeast

    A major benefit of living like a trucker is the mass opportunity to visit landmarks all across the country, giving themselves the immense opportunity to do some serious sightseeing that would make any traveler jealous! Sightseeing is a great way for drivers to spend their mandated breaks between long hours, haul layovers, or if they […]

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    The Difficulties that Come with Trucking

    Being a CDL driver can become more of a lifestyle than a job, especially if you do long-haul routes. A driver can spend upwards of 300 days per year on the road, which certainly limits the time you spend at home. If you have valuable, close relationships and a family to consider, there should be […]

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    Seeing the Changes in Trucking over the Years

    Fresh out of WWII, America was buzzing with possibilities and there were plenty of trucking advancements made during this time that reflect that vigor.

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    List of the Best Stops in Nebraska

    Is your truck route taking you through Nebraska soon? The more rural states are, the more difficult it can be to find a nice truck stop to grab something to eat and relax for a little while. Below are the five top-rated truck and travel stops across Nebraska.

  • image of old estes semi truck in black and white

    An Introduction to the Boom of the Trucking Industry

    In the years beyond 1920, rural roads were the first of many improvements that lead to the spread of business. This was when mom and pop local stores began using the new trucking technologies available to spread their business outwards.