Truck drivers are always in demand.

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For decades whenever the economy gets sluggish and good-paying jobs are hard to find, Americans have always been able to turn to truck driving careers as a way of supporting their families. The nature of transportation and logistics creates a never-ending need for good quality truck drivers. Having your Commercial Drivers License and good work ethic will always provide you with the ability to make great money and earn the benefits you deserve.

What does a truck driver do?

Once a driver has completed truck driving school or CDL training, driver’s can start after a few months and earn a full-time income similar to recent college graduates. Typically, a truck driver’s day begins long before the sun comes up. Driver’s are in charge of delivering items from around the world throughout the United States and are an essential part of a business for most industries, including retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, and automotive.

Benefits of a career in trucking:

  • Truck drivers from the Kansas City area and throughout the Midwest are among some of the highest-paid in the country.
  • No need to drive interstate if you do not want to, you can be home every night.
  • Job security is second to none, trucking jobs cannot be sent overseas or outsourced to nonqualified employees.
  • Truck drivers are needed in every state in the union. Want to relocate? Take your job with you.

Why are new truck drivers always needed?

America is a consumer nation. It is also a very big country with sprawling suburbs and massive infrastructure. Transportation is the key to supply and demand in this country. Trains, planes, and boats can only transport items so far. Eventually, everything we use in this country ends up on a truck to make it to its final destination. Without trucks, this country’s economy would come to a screeching halt. Food supply to grocery stores, fuel to gas stations, medicines to hospitals, machinery and automotive parts, building equipment, and lumber. Those are just a few of the things that rely almost entirely on truck transportation to get to the end-user, and because of these products and industries, truck driving careers will always be available.

That coupled with the fact that many of the industries older drivers are retiring from driving and demand is greater now than ever for qualified drivers.


Apex helped me. Now I do not hate getting up for work. Awesome school and love my new career.

Corey P.

Great School!! Staff were great to work with. Highly recommend it, especially for those with no experience. They even helped with finding me a job immediately after I graduated.

 Stephen D.

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