Company Sponsored Tuition Assistance


The first thing we do is get you pre-hired with one of four companies of your choosing. We want to ensure that the job you want is available to you before anything else. We work with 5 of the best trucking companies in the industry to provide this opportunity. The best part is;

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We have handpicked a few select carriers to partner with in this opportunity. These companies represent the best in the industry for your success. They want you to be as successful as much as you do and have agreed to cover your tuition loan payments. The best part is you do not have to tolerate cut pay rates, no second rate routes with horrible home time and NO CONTRACTS, they just want a great driver!


From there you meet with our Enrollment and Finance specialist. They will help process your loan application and get you enrolled for class.

Our tuition is $5,000 plus a 15% simple interest rate. We do ask that you cover a small amount upfront to pay for your fees and loan process. Remember, your company is going to cover the loan and pay your down payment back to you.

Apex CDL Institute Tuition and Financial Aid


$5000 – $500 Down Payment = $4500
Interest: 15% = $675.00
Loan Amount: $5175.00

*This is paid off by your company in your first year.

Step Three

Four weeks of training, Monday through Friday, 180 total hours. 

Apex will teach you what you need to know to take and pass your Class A CDL test. Our experienced instructors will get you ready to continue to finish training with your company. Remember, we have licensed CDL examiners, you test right here!

Kansas City 3rd Party CDL Testing
Apex CDL Institute Graduates


You pick up your new CDL from the state and head off to your new career to attend orientation and hit the road with your new company trainer. You will work with a trainer to learn your new job while getting paid to learn! 

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