Why are we so passionate about providing our students with CDL training? Because we believe in giving our students the tools that they need to begin careers that will help provide for their families and their futures.


Apex CDL is excited to help our students on their path to a new career and financial stability. With today’s economy and poor job market, many people have already figured out that great opportunities still exist in the commercial trucking industry. CDL training is the first step on your way to a fulfilling new career. The way to get started is to first obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). A CDL license shows that the driver has met the requirements established by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to operate a vehicle of that specific class rating. Because the CDL license itself is actually issued by the state in which the driver maintains his license and resides, the individual states also have their own requirements.

However, getting your CDL training for your license is only the first step in the process of becoming a commercial truck driver. Most companies require some kind of previous experience or some kind of formal training by a state-licensed school in lieu of that experience.



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4-week, 180-hour CDL Training Course Outline:

The courses at Apex CDL Institute take place Monday – Friday. The total course hours are a minimum of 180 hours of training time. New CDL training classes start every Monday and classes graduate every Friday.

Four Phases of CDL Training 

Phase 1: Orientation is Monday morning.

Monday through Thursday is time allotted for studying for your CDL learners permit. If you already have your permit you receive credit for the week, until Friday. This portion of the training is provided to Apex students that need assistance obtaining their CDL learners permit and is not counted against your hands on training time. Most local schools require that their students already have their learners permit because they cannot or do not want to invest this extra time into their students training. At Apex our students success is what matters most to us which is why we provide this needed classroom time free of charge to Apex students.

On Friday students will begin the hands on process of understanding a proper and thorough pre-trip inspection of the vehicle, learning about hours of service and log books and basic vehicle control.

Phase 2: The second week of CDL training at Apex CDL Institute out in the training yard of our facility. In the yard, students performing CDL training will be taught the fundamentals of safe truck and trailer operation and  the follow up on pre-trip inspection. The second week will be spent mostly behind the wheel. Students during CDL training will be taught the proper methods for truck and trailer backing, which includes straight-line backing and off-set backing. This period takes place from Monday to Thursday. Students proceed to phase 3 on Friday.

Phase 3: In the third week your training will continue in the yard while you learn the more complicated backing skills such as parallel parking and alley docking. Students will also continue with pre-trip inspection as well. On Friday of this week, students will progress to Phase 4, road training.

Phase 4: The last week of CDL training at Apex CDL Institute is when it all starts coming together. Under close supervision of our qualified instructors, students will learn to operate large Class A rated commercial vehicles on the streets and open highways. They will learn safe operation in a variety of environments and conditions. They will further develop the skills required to operate a large commercial vehicle manual transmission and negotiate turns and cope with a variety of traffic conditions.

On Friday of week 4, students will be ready for their Class A skills test. This test will be administered by Apex CDL Institute’s licensed 3rd party CDL testing examiners. Students of our Kansas truck driving school will have the benefit of testing on site in the same yard they trained in and using the same equipment they we trained in. We can test students from all over the country, allowing the student to return to their home state and receive their CDL license when they arrive.

The Focus of Our CDL Training:

Our job at Apex CDL Institute is to teach students the skills required to take and pass both their Class A CDL learners permit and their Class A CDL skills test, so that they can acquire their Class A license from the State of Kansas or Missouri. Once you finish the CDL training, passed our Kansas truck driving school, and received your CDL license and diploma, you are ready to begin your career as a commercial truck driver.

The school and the staff are all very professional. A big THANK YOU to all the staff for helping me obtain the skills necessary to pass my CDL and get a better job.

      John P.

Working With Companies to Help You Start a Successful Career

Apex CDL Institute maintains training agreements with many different trucking companies that want to hire student level drivers. These companies know and understand that CDL training at the average truck driving school does not make you a professional truck driver. These companies are prepared for and plan to take graduate students through their finish level CDL training program, which usually last 3-8 weeks, depending on the carrier. During this time however, graduate students are paid employees. They are teamed up with professional instructor drivers that take them out on the road and teach them the job of actually being a truck driver and the skills required to work that employer.

We Will Help You Become a Real Truck Driver

In short, it is our commitment to providing CDL training on how to drive a truck, to help you earn your CDL license, and to help you make the right decisions to further your career in the transportation industry. It is the job of the company that hires you to teach you how to be a real truck driver, but we lay a strong foundation with our comprehensive CDL training.

To start CDL training with Apex CDL Institute, request information today or call (913) 585-1120.

The Apex CDL Institute difference:

  • Modern CDL training equipment, outstanding facilities, highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Hands on CDL training, ample seat time, real world and comprehensive curriculum
  • Job placement assistance with some of the industry’s best trucking companies
  • 4 week (180 Hour) class that gets you trained and back to work ASAP
  • Financial assistance and easy in house financing for those that qualify

Our commitment to our students:

You deserve to work with school that takes your success in CDL training seriously. Apex CDL Institute is not a “training mill” that churns out students with the only goal being the profit margin. Our Kansas truck driving school will never cram our classes past capacity. We will never overload the ability of our instructors or facilities to provide a safe, quality CDL training environment. We will never short-staff our classes with less instructors, preventing them from spending the quality time needed with their students. We will not just take anyone into our school, taking their money, even if they cannot benefit from our CDL training. We will not string students along with the hope of a career just to get money out of them. If there is something about a student’s background or driving record that is going to prevent them from getting a quality job in the trucking industry, then it is our commitment to be up front and honest with that person. We would rather walk away with a handshake and the respect from someone for being honest than promise things that cannot be delivered just to squeeze money out of them. At Apex CDL Institute we are committed to your success and your future.

After school I passed my test first try thank you Apex great instructors!

    Kenneth S.

Let Us Help Your Truck Driving Dreams Come True

For further information about Apex CDL’s truck driving school, please reach out to one of our team members. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.