Right now there is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. This shortage is causing many trucking jobs to become very lucrative career options. However, not all of them are the safest of jobs. If you have the skills and enthusiasm to start a new career path, truck driving is worth it.

What You Can Earn

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver pay was $39,520 among 1,780,000 drivers. This is just your basic CDL, if you have specialized skills, you have the potential to earn even more. These more dangerous jobs include hauling hazardous materials, ice road trucking or mine hauling.

Hazardous Liquid Hauling & Oversize Loads

Dangerous materials, gas and chemicals, require a greater deal of skill to drive and haul around than a regular load. The amount you earn will generally depend on the type of hazardous material and company you drive for. Overall, the pay rate gets pretty high.

Driving double wide and over load trucks requires a higher level of skill to maneuver. License and permit requirements (like SVC or Class A) differ by state.

Non-Driving Positions

If you’ve decided you’re done with truck driving but you still want to work in the industry there are some excellent options to consider.

Recruiters — depending on the company you work with, being a recruiter will earn you quite a bit, especially if you’re in the field.

Driving Instructor — this allows you to stay closer to home and work with students, which can be refreshing after coming from long-haul trucking.

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