Most peoples aversion to attending a truck driving school to become a truck driver is the fact that they do not want to go out over the road and drive long haul. For some people their family commitments simply will not allow it. Being gone weeks at a time certainly can prove to be difficult if you are a parent with small children.

Well the good new is that if you live in the Kansas City area you don’t have to be.

The demand for trucking is so overwhelming in the mid west that Apex CDL Institute is even able to assist our students in obtaining local jobs. Many of our students are home every day after graduating class.

Most of your local carriers are going to be food service companies. Some of the more popular ones in the Kansas City area are Coca Cola, Sysco, Sygma  and McLane food services.

The important thing to keep in mind is that unlike many of your long distance options, which are normally “no touch” freight, the food service carriers usually require the driver to handle or at least help with the offload. So there is a physical component to being a local route driver. For many people that is considered a bonus though, since it gets them up and out of the truck and keeps them active.

So as with everything in life there are trade offs. The good news is that the options are open and they allow the new truck driving school graduate to decide what works best for them and their family.