The Kansas City area has lots of great opportunities for a truck driving career, whether you are looking for long distance travel routes or to be home at the end of the day. Either option will provide you continued employment and an excellent salary.

A Second Career

If you didn’t attend college but want to make as much much as a college graduate, then trucking is the right place for you. After you go through a CDL training program you will be ready to start. The trucking industry is always hiring for a variety of routes so you will have no problem finding a job that is the right fit for you.

Part Time Truck Driving

Part time driving would be ideal for those who have retired from other careers and are looking for some extra income. These routes don’t require being away from home for long stretches, giving drivers more time at home. Truck driving might be a good option for people who drive buses during the school year and want some income during the summer.

Retired Couples

Both single retirees and couples can benefit from truck driving careers. Retirement is the time when you want to travel the country with your significant other, couples have the opportunity to fulfill that wish as well as make a good amount of money. Couples get higher pay, the ability to work together and the opportunity to meet lots of new people.

Truck driving offers opportunity whether you are retiring from a 30 year office career, are looking for a second job to supplement your income and have an interest in making great money. Getting your CDL only requires a short program so you can enter into trucking at almost any point in your life.


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