Truck drivers with tablet

Technology as Roadside Assistance

If you drive a truck for a living, any tool you have access to becomes a valuable resource for you while on the road. That can be said about smartphones and tablets as well as the apps designed for these types of devices. When it comes to being useful on the road, the following applications provide guidance and entertainment.

Top Apps for Drivers

Here are some of the top driving apps truck drivers love to use:

  • Cost Per Mile – Among the most helpful driving apps available, it allows truckers to keep track of expenses so they’re able to turn a profit faster and easier.
  • Waze – Another popular selection in driving apps, Waze tells you what obstacles lie ahead so you can plan an alternate route if needed.
  • AllStays – Find out which truck stops offer showers, game rooms, laundry facilities, and even restaurants such as McDonalds.
  • Gas Buddy – Driving apps like Gas Buddy help drivers stay on top of fuel prices by knowing what each station in the area charges.
  • Lose It – Truckers can stay in shape by logging food, tracking calories, and keeping track of workouts so they remain fit and healthy on the road.

Ease on Down the Road

Easy-to-use and widely available, mobile apps, and particularly driving apps, serve as tools for men and women to use while on the road. Having access to endless sources of information makes the toll of driving long distances much easier on drivers. By pulling up an app on a smartphone or mobile device like a tablet, drivers save time and money.

Driving apps make short work of long hauls. If you haven’t yet explored what apps can do for you as a driver, now is the time to do so. Best of all, many on the list are low price or free, so you won’t spend much money to have the tools you need to succeed in your profession.

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