Need Your CDL License? Why Chose a 3rd Party Testing Facility

Getting a CDL license is a momentous step toward a new career. Of course, before getting that CDL license it’s essential to pass a rigorous test. Many prospective commercial drivers head to the DMV or a similar government office to take the test, but there might be some good reasons for choosing a third-party testing facility instead.

The Quickest Path to a CDL License

It’s not unusual for schools that provide training for commercial drivers to also be third-party testing facilities. In fact, this is normally the quickest way for students to pass the test that is one of the last steps toward getting their CDL license. There’s no need to find a separate facility and no headache-inducing commute. The test happens at the same convenient facility where all training was conducted.

Don’t Wait in Line

DMV lines are notoriously long and stressful, and those are just the lines for the regular driver’s licenses. If you have to take the CDL test, then you can expect to spend even more time at the DMV while they round up an examiner. At a third-party CDL license testing facility, things typically go much more smoothly.

On-Site Testing

Your CDL school should be there to help you through every step of the way. However, it’s only the schools that also offer testing that can give you 100 percent of the support you need. You can expect success at these facilities.

Federal Requirements for a CDL License

Eligibility requirements include having no disqualifying criminal convictions and being at least 18 or 21 years old. Additionally, applicants must have obtained a commercial learner’s permit and held the permit for at least 14 days. The applicant is then free to take the road skills test, which they are typically qualified for after finishing a training program.

To learn more about how to obtain your CDL license in Kansas or Missouri, contact the Apex CDL Institute at (913) 444-5664.

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