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A couple videos illustrating the kind of training you will receive at Apex CDL Institute.

Class A CDL Pre-Trip Examination

This is the full pre-trip inspection video. The pre-trip inspection is the first step of the Class A CDL testing process. It demonstrates the drivers ability to recognize problems with the truck before going out on the road. This is the pre-trip as required by the States of Kansas and Missouri. Keep in mind, if you live in a different state, your state may require that the pre-trip examination be done differently.

How To Shift A Manual 10 Speed Transmission

This video demonstrates the skills and techniques required to properly shift a non synchronized 10 speed manual transmission. While driving a manual transmission is not required to get your Class A CDL, it is certainly suggested that if you plan on having a serious career in the transportation industry that you learn how to be a complete driver with a wide range of skills. Even though many trucking companies have started using automatic transmissions, the vast majority of trucks on the road today still use manual transmissions. It is important to not limit yourself or your capabilities.