If you’ve read the rest of our series “A Look Back at Trucking” then you may be wondering what’s next in the trucking industry. There are plenty of rumors floating around so, let’s take a look at a few and think about when they’ll realistically be widely available.

What’s to Come in the Future of Trucking

Self-Driving Trucks

By now, everyone has heard about Tesla’s driverless, electric heavy-duty semi, which was announced November 2017. Almost every product you use on a daily basis comes from a truck and this truck is predicted to be able to travel 500 miles on a single charge, this can cut down fuel costs by over $200,000 per year for the trucking industry. The truck will be equipped with automatic braking, lane keeping, and lane departure warnings. The semi will go into production in 2019 and is sure to increase driver safety.

Uber Freight

Much like Uber itself, this app would match carriers and their drivers with loads to haul. Carrier pricing is available upfront so you can compare prices and driver ratings before you click to book.

Driver Opportunities

This is also a great career opportunity for carriers to get more work. All you need is to be an authorized carrier and hold your own MC or DOT number. Right now, Uber Freight pay goes through within seven days of receiving an accepted proof of delivery.

Wireless Repairs

In the next five years, all new cars will feature a computerized system onboard that can diagnose the engine and other system issues, then fix with patches downloaded via wifi. As this technology continues to improve, these features will be standard in all trucks, cars, buses, and other modes of transportation. Yet another feature to keep all drivers on the road out of harm’s way.

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