apex cdl (2)When it comes to CDL drug testing, there are some things you need to know. For example, you need to know why the industry requires truck driving drug tests. You also want to know the rules that you must follow. Having this information makes it easier for you to remain compliant and protect your CDL.

Know Who is Qualified to Administer Drug Tests

You’ll also want to know who administers these tests, too. This allows you to submit a sample to an approved facility trained in handling drug testing. The biggest thing to remember is that in order to keep your CDL, you must not abuse drugs and alcohol.

Protecting Companies and Motorists against Impaired Drivers

CDL drug testing protects companies and other motorists from impaired drivers. That’s why truck driving drug tests are necessary. Far too many accidents have occurred because drivers were abusing drugs and alcohol while driving a commercial vehicle.

If you refuse to submit a drug sample, your employer will determine your employment eligibility. In order to remain compliant with the DOT, all drivers must submit to and pass testing. There is a good possibility you will jeopardize your job if you refuse to take a drug test.

Where to Find a SAP in Your Area

Your employer should provide you with a list of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) who are qualified to administer drug and alcohol testing for the DOT. If this information has not been made available to you, request it. If you still have no access to the list, do a web search and locate a qualified facility to submit your sample to.

CDL drug testing is a requirement for all commercial driver’s license holders. By submitting a sample for truck driving drug tests, you’re telling your employee that you do, indeed, understand the rules of the industry. It helps you keep your license and prevents you from losing income because of a suspension.

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