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Hauling Oversize Loads? Make Sure You’re Prepared!

For some, the idea of driving a large commercial vehicle is completely terrifying. For CDL drivers, however, a big truck is part of the job. What do you do when you also have to worry about oversize cargo? An oversize load can include farm equipment, bulldozers, cranes, prefabricated homes, and much more. What can you do as a driver to make sure your cargo and the drivers around you stay safe? […]

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Four Common Misconceptions about a Career in Truck Driving

Truck driving can be a lucrative and fulfilling career but a negative perception exists that the truck driving industry attracts only people who are uneducated and desperate. This idea is too often perpetuated by pop culture, with greasy truck drivers being the norm whenever people of this profession. However, many of the things you may think you know about truck driving are really myths. […]

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Five Major Lifestyle Changes You Can Expect as a Truck Driver

There are some situations in the trucking industry that may seem strange to outsiders but are commonplace for drivers. These little things may seem like a shock when you start driving commercially, but you’ll learn to adapt as your career advances. We’ll break down five culture shocks and discuss how you can tackle them so that you can focus on being the best CDL driver you can be.

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What Kind of Careers are Available for Truck Drivers?

Many people mistakenly think that trucking careers are only available for people who want to spend long hours on the road. What they don’t realize is that truck driving is not simply defined by one kind of job. There are plenty of career opportunities for aspiring truck drivers; let’s explore some of those options.

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New Drivers: Stick with Your Starter Company!

Imagine: you’ve just gotten your first driving job with a company and you’re excited to start building your career! You’re already making your five and ten-year plans, and none of them involve staying with your current company for more than a year. You wouldn’t be alone; many new drivers move on to “greener pastures” after their first year. But what if you decided to stick with your starter company past that initial year?

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The Best Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is becoming more and more technical. We’re not just talking about automated trucking. Truck drivers rely on their smartphones and mobile apps to help them plan routes, log miles and find a place to sleep. Here are some mobile apps that will make your life on the road a little easier.  […]

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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking Your Dog on the Road

If you love your dog, traveling with your furry friend may seem like a dream come true.  There are a few things you should know before you and your pup hit the open road.  […]

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Why Do Some Areas Ban Jake Brakes?

Have you ever seen a sign in your travels that says “No Engine Brakes” or “No Jake Brakes”? For anyone who doesn’t drive a commercial vehicle, these signs can be confusing. What are Jake brakes and why are they so disliked?  […]

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How Does a New Driver Find Truck Loads?

Once you get your CDL and have finished getting all your certifications, you’ll need to find a load. This won’t be a huge issue if you work for a company that dispatches you on a job, but it’s imperative for owner-operators to be able to quickly find truck loads to haul. So how do independent truckers find loads to haul? […]

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You Shouldn’t Miss These 2018 Trucking Conventions

Trucking conventions are designed to bring drivers and business owners together to discuss the trucking industry and how it is evolving. Even though 2018 is almost half over, there are still some great conventions coming up this year that you shouldn’t miss.  […]

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