Sights to See: Southeast United States

Did you know that the Southeast United States, also known as the Deep South, hosts some of the most historic cities and landmarks in the nation? The next time your route takes you down south, make sure you swing by these beautiful landmarks!  […]

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Sights to See: Southwest United States

The U.S. Southwest has some of the most awe-inspiring sights you’ll see on the road. This desert region stretches across Arizona and New Mexico, over to West Texas and up to Nevada and Utah! After the humidity of a Midwest summer, the dry beauty of the Southwest may be just what the doctor ordered.  […]

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Sights to See: Midwest United States

Apex CDL is proud to be in Kansas City, one of the most popular cities in the Midwest. We know that Kansas and Missouri are more than just flyover states – they are part of a great region rich in history and culture. If you’re looking for the full tourist experience while you’re waiting to head out with your next load, try some of these must-see sites! […]

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Sights to See: Northwest United States

Many times a drivers 34 hour reset period will happen when they are away from home, and though many choose to rest and relax, there are also many who venture into their current destination to sightsee. We want to make it easier to plan for these resets by sharing some sightseeing opportunities, but let’s face it there are thousands of places to go and just as many landmarks so we had to narrow it down to just the best of each region. […]

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Sights to See: Northeast United States Edition

A major benefit of living like a trucker is the mass opportunity to visit landmarks all across the country, giving themselves the immense opportunity to do some serious sightseeing that would make any traveler jealous! Sightseeing is a great way for drivers to spend their mandated breaks between long hours, haul layovers, or if they are suffering from any of the downsides of long-haul driving discussed in our previous blog, Long-Haul Driving Can be a Challenge. […]

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