Jeff Steinberg, Director of Education and President of Apex CDL Institute, explains the “backwards” way he entered the industry of truck driver education. Steinberg noticed, after years of owning a trucking company, that there were a lot of skills that his drivers lacked. He used that knowledge to give prospective truck drivers the information and skills they need to become excellent hiring prospects from the very beginning of their careers. At Apex, Steinberg has built all the tools truck driving students need to get the best training and to be paired with the best jobs, so they can take control of their lives and careers both now and in the future.

How Apex Can Help You Start Your Truck Driving Career

From CDL training to tuition assistance to job placement after graduation, Apex CDL Institute is committed to going above and beyond to help you succeed. Our class sizes are small, our equipment is the newest and best, our facilities are top-notch, and our staff is full of highly-qualified and skilled instructors. As for your job prospects after graduation, we are partnered with the best trucking companies in the industry, meaning that when you graduate from Apex CDL, you will have the opportunity to work for the absolute best in the business. That’s why Apex CDL Institute has graduated more commercial drivers than any other CDL training school in the Kansas City area!

If you’re looking to start your truck driving career or if you’d like to schedule a walk-through, contact us today or call 1 (913) 270-4611.