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Four Common Misconceptions about a Career in Truck Driving

Truck driving can be a lucrative and fulfilling career but a negative perception exists that the truck driving industry attracts only people who are uneducated and desperate. This idea is too often perpetuated by pop culture, with greasy truck drivers being the norm whenever people of this profession. However, many of the things you may think you know about truck driving are really myths. […]

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Why Choose a Third-Party Testing Facility for Your CDL Test

Getting a CDL license is a monumental step towards a new truck driving career. Before you get that CDL license, however, it’s essential to pass a rigorous test. Many prospective commercial drivers use the DMV or a similar government office to take their test, but there might be some good reasons for choosing a third-party testing facility instead. […]

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Five Major Lifestyle Changes You Can Expect as a Truck Driver

There are some situations in the trucking industry that may seem strange to outsiders but are commonplace for drivers. These little things may seem like a shock when you start driving commercially, but you’ll learn to adapt as your career advances. We’ll break down five culture shocks and discuss how you can tackle them so that you can focus on being the best CDL driver you can be.

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What Kind of Careers are Available for Truck Drivers?

Many people mistakenly think that trucking careers are only available for people who want to spend long hours on the road. What they don’t realize is that truck driving is not simply defined by one kind of job. There are plenty of career opportunities for aspiring truck drivers; let’s explore some of those options.

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