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How You and Your Truck Can Survive the Summer Heat

Apex CDL hopes that everyone had a safe and fun holiday earlier this month! Kansas City has been in the steady 90s all July without an end in sight. Surviving the summer heat is no joke. As we enter August, keep these tips in mind to keep you and your truck performing well despite the heat.  […]

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Why Do Some Areas Ban Jake Brakes?

Have you ever seen a sign in your travels that says “No Engine Brakes” or “No Jake Brakes”? For anyone who doesn’t drive a commercial vehicle, these signs can be confusing. What are Jake brakes and why are they so disliked?  […]

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How Does a New Driver Find Truck Loads?

Once you get your CDL and have finished getting all your certifications, you’ll need to find a load. This won’t be a huge issue if you work for a company that dispatches you on a job, but it’s imperative for owner-operators to be able to quickly find truck loads to haul. So how do independent truckers find loads to haul? […]

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10 Entertaining Podcasts for Truck Drivers

There are a number of ways to keep yourself entertained on the road, but songs and audiobooks grow stale after the first 1,000 miles. Why not try following some podcasts? We’ve found 10 podcasts that come highly recommended for truck drivers. Check our list and see if any catch your ear!  […]

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