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Long-Haul Driving Can Be a Challenge

Being a CDL driver can become more of a lifestyle than a job, especially if you do long-haul routes. A driver can spend upwards of 300 days per year on the road, which certainly limits the time you spend at home. If you have valuable, close relationships and a family to consider, there should be a collaborative discussion before taking on a truck driving position. However, because of the demand for drivers, plenty of regional opportunities are available. Think about the following points before taking a long-haul position. […]

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A Look Back at 1940-1950s Trucking

Fresh out of WWII, America was buzzing with possibilities and there were plenty of trucking advancements made during this time that reflect that vigor. […]

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Best Truck Stops USA: Nebraska

Is your truck route taking you through Nebraska soon? The more rural states are, the more difficult it can be to find a nice truck stop to grab something to eat and relax for a little while. Below are the five top-rated truck and travel stops across Nebraska. […]

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A Look Back at 1920-1930’s Semi Trucks

In the years beyond 1920, rural roads were the first of many improvements that lead to the spread of business. This was when mom and pop local stores began using the new trucking technologies available to spread their business outwards. […]

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