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Best Truck Stops USA: Missouri

We will start close to home in our first edition of Best Truck Stops USA. Here are three of the best truck stops if you are headed north, south, or further west in Missouri. […]

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Did You Know? 8 Interesting Facts About 18 Wheelers

You may know how to drive one pretty darn well but did you know these interesting things about semis? […]

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The Evolution of the Trucking Industry in Brief

Beginning of Trucking: 1890s
Before there were many paved roads, let alone highways, trucks traveling on the roads were no larger than delivery trucks. They used crude solid rubber tires, making the trip very rough and slow. Most didn’t have completely covered cabs either, letting in seasonal elements.  […]

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Top 10 Most Epic Truck Driver Movies of All Time

What’s more fun than enjoying some awesome movies about trucking? You may notice that half of the movies were made in the 1970s. For some reason, during this decade, people became enamored with the trucker lifestyle — looking at it as glorified modern-day cowboys, outlaws, and rebels.  […]

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