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How to Know if Your CDL Training Will Pay Off

Most people who are considering CDL training have many questions. Among the most important of these is wondering whether or not truck driving school is worth it in the long run. The answer is yes, if you’re careful about the truck driving school you choose. […]

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Common Misconceptions About Truck Driving as a Career

Kids are often drawn to the idea of truck driving, but their enthusiasm wanes as they get older. The perception that truck driving attracts people who are uneducated, dirty and slightly uncouth takes hold, and this idea is cemented by the entertainment industry. However, many of these truck driving perceptions are really misconceptions. […]

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Need Your CDL License? Why Chose a 3rd Party Testing Facility

Getting a CDL license is a momentous step toward a new career. Of course, before getting that CDL license it’s essential to pass a rigorous test. Many prospective commercial drivers head to the DMV or a similar government office to take the test, but there might be some good reasons for choosing a third-party testing […]

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What is 3rd Party CDL Testing?

Before being granted a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, it’s necessary to undergo CDL testing. Often, tests are performed at a 3rd party CDL testing facility. This CDL testing is one of the final steps to entering a commercial driving career. […]

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Top Apps for Truck Drivers While on the Road

Technology as Roadside Assistance
If you drive a truck for a living, any tool you have access to becomes a valuable resource for you while on the road. That can be said about smartphones and tablets as well as the apps designed for these types of devices. When it comes to being useful on the road, the following applications provide guidance and entertainment. […]

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