Our CDL Training FAQ

At Apex CDL Institute, we hear questions from people like you everyday. Our first video covered Where to Start With CDL Training, and several people sent in some great questions that were sparked after watching. We took some time to respond to these questions.

Because these questions addressed so many important parts of CDL Training, we want to share these training questions and our responses with you. If you’re looking for more information about getting your CDL license, this is the place to check.


Brian watched our video and another from a different company that explained why school is not necessary for people to get their truck driving license. He asked us to explain if school is necessary or not.

Our Response:

While it is true that you don’t have to go to school to get a truck driving job, there are many benefits of CDL training that you miss out on when you don’t attend a school.

Some people say that when you get a job with a company driving a different type of truck, you may get promoted and then have the chance to train and get your CDL license. The problem with this approach is that getting that job is difficult. First, these companies have to be hiring in your area. Additionally, you are probably competing with trained drivers for these jobs. If you do get the job, keep in mind that the pay for these jobs is not nearly as much as the compensation at the companies that hire CDL licensed drivers.

When you attend Apex CDL Institute, we help get almost all of our students placed with a company and hired even before they graduate. There is no waiting to get a job or get promoted when you start with school.


Some people claim that you can buy your own equipment, watch a set of videos, and be your own boss. One viewer found a source that said you can buy your equipment for $7,000.

Our response:

Being a successful truck driver requires more than a few thousand dollars and a set of videos. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to end up spending more money than necessary, and it will be nearly impossible to make up for that loss. To keep your truck running and in good condition, you will need a significant amount of money. Starting as a truck driver without any real training can leave you helpless when you realize that you don’t know the true, daily facts of being a truck driver. If you take this route, you are not only a driver, but you start off in your first year as an owner/operator. This requires extra work that many experienced drivers are not even prepared for. Starting as a truck driver after professional training allows you the chance to ease into this industry.

We are happy to answer any question you have about CDL training, getting your CDL license, and starting your career as a truck driver. No matter where you are in the process, we are ready to explain how our training works and how people start successful career in the trucking industry. Call us at (913) 585-1120 to learn more.